2 07, 2018

The Creative Sandbox Way™ Podcast


I recently had the opportunity to share what I do with Melissa Dinwiddie on her podcast 'The Creative Sandbox Way'. Melissa explains her podcast best: "Whether you’re a corporate leader looking to boost innovation and foster a culture of creativity at

29 06, 2018

Make Creativity a Habit at Work


Increase your productivity through 10-minutes of creativity. When we consciously engage in creative activities on a regular basis, it leads to new and fresh ideas, innovative problem solving, and offers welcomed stress relief. That’s why creativity is an essential part of

28 11, 2016

Creativity is Good for Business


The workplace is changing. Where hard skills have historically been the most important aspect of hiring and training – there has been a shift in mindset. Business leaders around the world are embracing the relevance of creativity in the workplace. And