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Our Clients

Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations. And each business is unique. That’s why every project is specifically designed to meet your company’s needs. All of our workshops start with an interactive training exercise followed by a corresponding art project. From there, let your creativity take the lead. You’ll be amazed at what you will come up with, we promise. Because no matter what you may think, we are all creative. Yes, even you.

Recent Projects

Contribution Cube

Each person on a team offers unique contributions. With input from team members, create a Contribution Cube. Each side representing one way you distinctly contribute to the team.

Benefits: Team Building, Self Acknowledgement, Reflection

Weaving Goals

It is often said that if you write down a goal, you are more likely to reach it. This workshop gets participants to write down individual or team goals. Team members leave with goals written down on paper, as well as on muslin strips weaved into a beautiful wall display.

Benefits: Goal Setting, Collaboration, Turning Ideas into Reality

Group Grid Painting

Create a large scale painting for your workspace. Team members paint individual pre-sketched panels, then collaborate to put the ‘puzzle’ together. This workshop mimics the reality of the workplace where individual efforts contribute to the greater result.

Benefits: Collaboration, Team Building, Creative Problem Solving

Down to the Core

Draw a parallel between your core values and your company’s mission in a fun and interactive way. Then create a ‘Values Statement’ art piece that can be kept individually or displayed as a group of paintings.

Benefits: Assessing Values, Connecting with Company Purpose, Creative Thinking

Team Appreciation Workshop

Using images instead of words to exercise the right brain, express how each member of your team uniquely contributes to the organization.   Team members then present the finished art work to their co-workers.

Benefits: Team Bonding, Team Appreciation, Creative Thinking

Brand ‘YOU’niversity

What’s your personal brand as a leader or colleague? Explore your brand through interactive activities that facilitate team bonding and leave with a brand identity complete with a personal logo.

Benefits: Team Bonding, Creative Thinking, Personal Awareness

Time Mapping

Lists and calendars are linear ways to track progress over time. Learn how to manage your time creatively and leave with tools to create a map of your days, projects and goals.

Benefits: Time Management, Project Management, Creative Thinking

Work with us to design a customized workshop for your team.

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