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What We Offer 

Whether you’re looking for a team project, or are an individual looking to discover your creative advantage, we have something for you. Just come ready to think differently and to liberate your creativity!

Not an artist? Not a problem. Most of us don’t consider ourselves artists either. Our goal is to reveal the benefits of creativity through art, so you can apply it in your work and life.


Workshops include facilitated skills training and discussion combined with a hands on creative workshop. All materials, set up, and clean up are included. Workshops vary in length and are hosted at your place of work or your designated location.

Select from our following workshops:

More Ideas, Better Results – Creative Problem Solving to Drive Innovation


Learn the Creative Problem Solving Process to implement solutions to challenges and vet opportunities.

Learn the tools of divergent thinking which teaches seeking ideas while deferring judgment, before converging ideas into a workable solution.

(2.5 – 5.0hrs)


  • Understanding of the Creative Problem Solving Process
  • Creative techniques and tools to enhance brainstorming
  • Experience of exploring individual and group creativity

From the Bottom Up – Define and Articulate Core Values and Vision


Define individual and group values and vision.

Take a bottom up approach to identify your group’s core values. Begin by defining personal values. Then categorize shared values in a small group project. The workshop culminates in creating art pieces that articulate core values.

(2.0 – 3.0hrs)


  • Connect with team members through shared values
  • Techniques for collaboration and idea sharing
  • Buy in on group values

Know Your Why – Increase Engagement and Prevent Burnout Through Authenticity and Recognition


Expand your employees’ contributions to the team by integrating personal interests and talents into workplace responsibilities and culture. Visually express individual strengths & accomplishments through a ‘self portrait collage’.  (1.5 – 2.5hrs)


  • Expand your teams’ impact by integrating personal interests and contributions to workplace duties
  • Art project showcasing each person’s unique and authentic contribution
  • Framework for creating energy and engagement at work

LEGO® Serious Play Workshops –  Serious Work Requires Serious Play


LEGO® Serious Play workshops approach serious work in a playful and productive way by creating a way to explore ideas, solve problems and achieve objectives. (2-4hrs)

Workshop topics include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Idea Generation
  • Shared Vision
  • Team Building
  • Values and Behaviors


  • Unique approach to workplace training topics
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Team Art Installations Creativity Together

Get your team inspired, excited, and committed to bringing your vision to life. Design a large scale art installation that expresses your company’s vision, mission, or values – through the eyes of your employees.


  • Experience designing and implementing a group project
  • Understand individual contributions to team success
  • Comradery and pride in creating a permanent art piece for display
Design A Team Art Installation

Creative Mindset Retreats Design a Unique Experience for Your Team

Infuse creativity into your organization with a company retreat curated by worksmart, where experiential activities are used to teach, motivate and inspire. We customize company retreats for your specific needs and draw from our vast network of speakers and facilitators covering topics such as:


The worksmart difference is prioritizing creativity and active participation. We plan it, you experience it!

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 Creative Leadership Coaching – Creating an Innovative Culture Starts at the Top

Our one-on-one coaching program works to help company leaders at all levels of an organization gain greater awareness of how they can contribute to developing a  “culture of creativity” that can truly transform an organization. 

Through executive coaching and creativity training, we help leaders create action plans that turn insights into creative behavior, with measurable results.

Become a Creative Leader

Ignite your Creative Advantage with
’10 Creative Ways to Be More Productive at Work’

Liberate Your Creativity