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What We Offer

Whether you’re looking for a team project, or are an individual looking to discover your creative advantage, we have something for you. Just come ready to think differently and to liberate your creativity!

Not an artist? Not a problem. Most of us don’t consider ourselves artists either. Our goal is to reveal the benefits of creativity so you can apply it in your work and life.


Workshops include facilitated skills training and discussion combined with a hands on creative workshop. All materials, set up, and clean up are included. Workshops run from 90 – 120 minutes and are hosted at your place of work or your designated location.

Select from the following workplace topics:

Teams are the cornerstone of great businesses. Let us facilitate a fun, thoughtful & creative workshop that gets teams working & growing together.

Discover the power of taking small steps to achieving goals. Let us show you colorful ways to set goals - creating greater impact than to-do lists.

Managing the resource of time is often a challenge. Take a unique and creative look at time as an infinite resource to help map out your day.

Our impact assessment lets teams express how each person contributes to make a unique impact. Participants leave with a piece of art created by peers.

How do others see you, and how do you want them to see you? Discover your brand in this group workshop and create a logo that represents you.

Increase workplace engagement by asking: What’s Your Why? Leave with a wood block art piece as a daily reminder of your personal intent.

These workshops give your team the dedicated time to acknowledge each other’s contributions. Leave with a ‘bouquet’ of thanks from co-workers.

These workshops teach the tools of communication. Identify your communication styles and create an artistic guideline to your communication needs.

Combine right and left-brain thinking to exercise creativity. Using music, painting & mixed media, you will be thinking, problem solving & evolving!

When personal values are in line with a company mission, engagement is higher. Artfully clarify & connect your values to your organization’s mission.

Thrive through collaboration over competition. Engage people to work as a team toward a common purpose. In this case, a shared piece of artwork!

Dissipate the fear of public speaking by improving skills in a fun and safe environment intended to create a positive experience in the spotlight!

Creative Afternoons

Make room for creativity. 

We also offer Creative Afternoons to let you experience our creative workshops in a more casual environment. We set up craft supplies at your office, on an afternoon of your choice. Enjoy getting creative at your own pace, minus the structured facilitation.

Creative Afternoons can be scheduled as a special one-time event for your team, or on a regular basis to create a habit of creativity.

Work with us to design a customized workshop for your team.

Workshop Inquiries

Team Art Installations

Design and co-create an art installation for your office with our in house artist Gus Harper. Foster creativity, pride and collaboration. Through this process your team will have the opportunity to create a large scale art installation for your office from start to finish, while discovering how each person’s work style impacts the team dynamics.

Contact us to learn more about bringing creativity to your workplace.

Creative Mindset Retreats

Design a unique experience for your team.

Infuse creativity into your organization with a company retreat curated by worksmart, where experiential activities are used to teach, motivate and inspire. We design customized company retreats for your specific needs and draw from our vast network of speakers and facilitators covering topics such as:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Designed Thinking
  • Health and Wellness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Musical Performances
  • Personal Growth
  • Play at Work

The worksmart difference is prioritizing creativity and active participation. We plan it, you experience it!

Contact us to co-create your experience.

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Creative Leadership Coaching

Creating an innovative culture starts at the top.

Innovation isn’t easy.

In fact, most organizations are hardwired to resist change — even those who claim to embrace it. Our one-on-one coaching program works to help company leaders recognize internal and external resistance to embarking on innovative changes and disrupting business as usual. We help leaders on all levels gain greater awareness of the obstacles and challenges to effectively implement a “culture of creativity” that can truly transform an organization. Importantly, we help leaders create action plans that turn insights into creative behavior, with measurable results.

Become a creative leader.

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