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When you embrace creativity in the workplace, you improve individual performance and produce better results. Our programs set out to teach, inspire, and let you get creative! A dynamic shift occurs when you combine skills training with hands on creative experiences.

You’ll be convinced that creativity is good for business.

Our Beliefs

We are all creative.

We are all innately creative. And by liberating that creativity in all areas of our lives, including the workplace, we are nurturing and exercising a skill that is available to all of us.

Collaboration over competition.

We believe that there is enough for everyone. That through collaboration we can achieve more than competition. Creative thinking thrives on inspiration and community.

Trust the process.

Creativity can be messy. Rather than focusing on results, we encourage you to trust the creative process and be willing to make mistakes.

Be audacious.

Stretching our creativity requires us to be audacious. To truly grow creatively, we need to get out of our comfort zone, dare to be silly and dare to innovate!

Our Team

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Van Lai-DuMone – Founder and Facilitator

After earning her MBA from Pepperdine University, Van began her career as a Regional Manager for an educational division of the Washington Post. There, she managed successful teams through creative leadership and empowering management techniques. She went on the hold the COO position at Body Glove’s women’s active wear division, overseeing operations and sales.

As an entrepreneur, Van co-founded FashionLab, developing and facilitating business workshops for fashion entrepreneurs, owned and operated the first Dailey Method Barre Studio in Southern California, and joined a boutique consulting firm as a Change Management Consultant.

worksmart is inspired by the benefits creativity has had in her own work, and the observed need for creative thinking in the workplace. Through worksmart Van combines her talents and experience in facilitating, personal and professional development, business development, and of course – arts and crafts.

Van most recently became a Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach as part of her continued research on the benefits of creativity in business. She is also the Vice Chair for HappyCity, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help businesses and cities live, work and play happy through events, social progress and public policy.

Alex Oh – Business Development

Alex is a social impact strategist and creative catalyst with a passion for and commitment to making a lasting difference. Her passion stems from the possibility for greatness when a group of committed individuals dares to think big and understands that the center of getting anything done is teamwork.

She has built her career in a variety of roles and industries ranging from professional sports to social enterprises to finance. To the worksmart team, she brings her expertise in strategy, design, and program development.

Gus Harper – Artist and Facilitator

Gus is an artist and workshop facilitator. He has spent the last 25 years working in Los Angeles and New York. His work has appeared in galleries around the world and on hit TV shows such as Dexter and Modern Family.

Gus has taught art in a variety of settings from elementary schools to adult education. He brings his artistic talents to worksmart and co-facilitates many of our team building and team appreciation workshops.


Meghan Miller – Strategist and Facilitator

Meghan has synthesized her business experience with her education in mindfulness and holistic medicine, to create a new framework for mindful leadership, called Evolation.  To the worksmart team, she contributes her expertise in strategy, design, and implementation of workshops, events or corporate initiatives emphasizing mindfulness and leadership in the workplace.


Jason Press – Executive Coach

Prior to beginning his executive coaching practice, Jason was known for managing fast-growing and profitable creative service companies, delivering year-over-year top line and bottom line growth. Within WPP’s Grey Advertising, he built a New York-based branding and design company from the ground up, and managed a sales promotion network across multiple offices. At MDC, he ran the West Coast office of a global social media agency.

As an executive coach, Jason helps leaders at all levels gain greater awareness of obstacles and challenges to effectively implement a culture of creativity that can truly transform an organization. Importantly, he helps leaders create action plans that turn insights into creative behavior, with measurable results. He consistently delivers high-ROI value to the clients by inspiring original and bold ideas.

Kerry McCarthy – Project Design Advisor

As a researcher and consultant, Kerry has worked with national & local government, charitable foundations, social enterprises and think tanks. She brings over 15 years of experience in leading teams, program design, and impact measurement to guide worksmart’s project design team in creating customized workshops for clients.
More information on her experience can be found here. Visit Kerry’s blog, where she shares her learning on data analytics, big data and evaluation.