People don’t leave jobs. They leave toxic cultures and poorly trained leaders.

We are a team of creative rebels (MBAs can be rebellious, too!) who believe that integrating creativity into team and leadership development can transform your company into a place where innovation is abundant, people thrive, and your business skyrockets!

And we help you accomplish that through:

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Hi, I’m Van!

Companies who actively foster creative thinking outperform their competition in revenue growth, market share, and employee retention. That’s what the studies show. What we see in our work is that we are all creative, good ideas can come from any level of an organization – and people are happier when their voices and ideas are heard. And happier people, do better work.

Our training and development programs utilize Creative Integration™, teaching mindset, skillset, and behaviors through creativity, play, and shared experiences.

Training and development has never been this fun!

Get Curious About Curiosity!

Empower yourself and others to pursue their curiosities to your next big win! This book by worksmart Founder and CEO, Van Lai-DuMone guides readers to follow the ideas tapping them on the shoulder using a simple 3-step framework and accompanying workbook.

Ideas to use this book at work:

Creativity. We All Have It.

Let’s Use it!



Turn Co-Workers Into Teammates

Our team development program builds relationship and culture; transforming co-workers into teammates. Learn how to work well together through shared experiences of personal and professional development, using play and creativity!

Teach Your Managers to Be People First Leaders

Our Leadership Canvas™ program offers experiential* leadership training for current and aspiring leaders.

This training will expand your leadership skills one building block at at time. Our program is designed for long term growth and activation of the mindset, skillsets, and behaviors that you want to see in a leader that has positive impact on your people and performance.  Bonus: We do it through creativity, play, and experiential learning to make it remarkable and memorable!

*think Spoken Word Poets and Visual Artists as co-facilitators

Make Problem Solving a No Brainer

Looking to overcome a challenge? Innovate? Or find future opportunities? A white board and post it notes isn’t going to cut it! By activating creativity through hands on creative experiences, your team will come up with ideas you never knew you had!

Who We Are.

Who We Are.

worksmart is a progressive team development and leadership training company that activates creativity and experiential learning, to enrich company culture and skyrocket performance.

Who You Are.

Who You Are.

You’re a game-changer who values people and profit. You define success as having a team full of happy people exceeding KPIs. And disrupting traditional training methods by incorporating creative tools makes you happier than a kid in a candy store!

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We are more than pretty colors and a catchy tag line.

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Never Miss A Beat

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