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Imagine if your organization consistently valued and instilled creativity at all levels . . .

Find your creative advantage.

We develop creative cultures through strategies and workshops that mobilize creativity and innovative thinking at every level of an organization. 

Our Methods

Creative Culture Strategies: 

We work with your team to understand your current culture, then design a long term program to instill the skills and tools of creative thinking throughout your organization. 

LEGO® Serious Play® Methods

LEGO® Serious Play® Methods  generate a unique hands on experience, giving people the tools to express, share, and build on ideas. The creative process of hands on making levels the playing field & unlocks new perspectives, leading to more valuable insight and conversation. 

  • Clarify Vision and Values
  • Goal Setting and Strategy
  • Team Building

Creative Art Projects

Creative Art Projects allow people to collaborate, learn, think differently, and come up with new and interesting ideas.

We utilize interactive activities and creative art projects to address workplace training topics,  inspiring you to look at work from a whole new perspective.

  • Clarify Vision and Values
  • Develop Ideas
  • Team Building & Collaboration

Creative Problem Solving Process

The Creative Problem Solving Process is a proven method for approaching  challenges and opportunities in an imaginative and innovative way.

Based on the principles that we are all creative, and more ideas equal better results;

the CPS Process can be used to:

  • Find Solutions to Challenges
  • Vet Opportunities


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Our strategies and training workshops help companies develop a culture of innovative thinking and get ‘unstuck’ through the use of creative tools. 

Creativity has come a long way, and is now widely considered one of the most important qualities of business & leadership.

Our programming is beneficial to teams and organization looking to think and act outside of the box and create new methods to build a better future for their organization.

Give your team the creative advantage!                                         
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Don’t Put Creativity in a Box!

Creativity and play are not just ways to engage and rally employees. The benefits are only fully exposed when you incorporate creativity and play into the work you do!

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Learn Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Inspire Innovative Thinking and Expresion
  • Team Bonding & Relationship Building
  • Turn Ideas into Reality
  • Liberating Creativity and Having Fun!

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Liberate Your Creativity