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Imagine if your organization consistently valued and instilled creativity at all levels . . .

Find your creative advantage.

We develop teams and train aspiring leaders through the use of creativity.  

Who We Are

We are a team of creative rebels (MBAs can be rebellious, too!) who help transform your company into a place nobody wants to leave! And we believe that can be done through unapologetically unleashing creativity at all levels of your organization.

We believe (and we think you will, too):

  • We are all creative. Yes, even you!
  • Good ideas can come from any level of your organization. 

A team that creates together, stays together.

Who You Are

You’re a game-changer who values people and profit. 

You define success as having a team full of happy people exceeding KPIs.

You are willing to achieve this by disrupting traditional training methods. 

Incorporating creative tools into leadership and team development makes you happier than a kid in a candy store!

Our Methods

LEGO® Serious Play® Methods

LEGO® Serious Play® Methods  generate a unique hands on experience, giving people the tools to express, share, and build on ideas. The creative process of hands on making levels the playing field & unlocks new perspectives, leading to more valuable insight and conversation. 

  • Clarify Vision and Values
  • Goal Setting and Strategy
  • Team Building

Creative ARTifacts

Creating an ARTifact allow people to collaborate, learn, think differently, and come up with new and interesting ideas in a tactile way. 

We utilize interactive creative art projects to address workplace training topics,  inspiring you to look at work from a whole new perspective.

  • Clarify Vision and Values
  • Develop Ideas
  • Team Building & Collaboration

Creative Problem Solving Process

The Creative Problem Solving Process is a proven method for approaching  challenges and opportunities in an imaginative and innovative way.

Based on the principles that we are all creative, and more ideas equal better results;

the CPS Process can be used to:

  • Find Solutions to Challenges
  • Vet Opportunities


Contact Us to Learn More

Our strategies and training workshops help companies develop a culture of innovative thinking and get ‘unstuck’ through the use of creative tools. 

Creativity has come a long way, and is now widely considered one of the most important qualities of business & leadership.

Our programming is beneficial to teams and organization looking to think and act outside of the box and create new methods to build a better future for their organization.

Give your team the creative advantage!                                         
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Don’t Put Creativity in a Box!

Creativity and play are not just ways to engage and rally employees. The benefits are only fully exposed when you incorporate creativity and play into the work you do!

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Learn Creative Problem Solving Skills
  • Inspire Innovative Thinking and Expresion
  • Team Bonding & Relationship Building
  • Turn Ideas into Reality
  • Liberating Creativity and Having Fun!

Ignite your Creative Advantage with
’10 Creative Ways to Be More Productive at Work’

Liberate Your Creativity