27 11, 2018

Social Currency Podcast


On this episode of The Social Currency Podcast, I was interviewed by Jessica Jensen and Tuck Ross, and discussed creativity and how it it can create impact for teams through ideation exercises, vision and values building, and building a solid team

2 07, 2018

The Creative Sandbox Way™ Podcast


Melissa explains her podcast best: "Whether you’re a corporate leader looking to boost innovation and foster a culture of creativity at work; or an individual looking to get past fear, self-doubt, resistance, and distractions, so you can finally make time for

29 06, 2018

Make Creativity a Habit at Work


Increase your productivity through 10-minutes of creativity. When we consciously engage in creative activities on a regular basis, it leads to new and fresh ideas, innovative problem solving, and offers welcomed stress relief. That’s why creativity is an essential part of