Creativity is Good for Business


The workplace is changing. Where hard skills have historically been the most important aspect of hiring and training – there has been a shift in mindset. Business leaders around the world are embracing the relevance of creativity in the workplace. And rightfully so. Creativity is as important to the work environment as any other skill. In fact, creativity is so much a part of our innate human nature – that it can be argued that creativity is the most important skill to nurture.

Although in practice worksmart participants experience the creative process through arts & crafts, the lessons are not about improving your artistic skills (although you might discover some hidden talents) – it’s about using your innate creativity to learn to think creatively, innovatively, and differently. And since the definition of creativity is the use of imagination to produce original ideas – the act of practicing creativity also encourages audacity, boldness and courage. All characteristics a good business should want in both employees and leaders.

The challenge becomes to embrace the messiness of creative thinking. By nature, creativity entails doing something new, and just as it is with anything new, there will be mistakes and there will be failures. But if we are willing to be patient, learn from these and continue to foster a creative culture in the workplace, the benefits of innovative thinking, confidence, and daring will permeate throughout your individual performance and the sustainability of your business.


About the Author:

Van is a creative entrepreneur and the founder of worksmart.

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