Van mobilizes companies to discover and utilize creativity at every level of their organization. She inspires people and teams to follow curiosity, ask ‘What if’, and take small steps to accomplish big goals; and uniquely engages audiences with hands-on activities. 

Born in Vietnam and raised in Southern California, after her family fled Vietnam as war refugees, Van watched her parents pave a new life for themselves. She saw first hand how creative thinking, innovation, and curiosity can help people overcome their circumstances. Van shares this story in her TEDx Talk titled, ‘What if? The Life Changing Power of Curiosity’

Speaking requests are handled by our good friend Darren Williams at Paragon Speakers. Darren spent 5 years architecting solutions for clients at Simon Sinek, LLC. Now through Paragon, he connects companies to his collective of topic based experts to offer transformational, not transactional experiences.

Van Speaking

Speaking Topics

‘What if?: The Life Changing Power of Curiosity

This inspiring talk is a call to action for each of us to follow our curiosities to create possibilities seen and unforeseeable. Van shares the story of how her mom and 19 other Vietnamese refugee women, with the help of a movie star – followed their curiosity to trail blaze what is now the $8.3 billion dollar manicure industry in the United States. She then shares her innovative framework to help others follow their curiosity by asking ‘What if?’, and taking small steps – making us stronger together by the sum of our unique contributions. 

Integrate Creativity to Transform Your Work

Companies have historically used creativity as a break from work, for team building or improving morale. This interactive workshop will give you the tools to start incorporating creativity directly into the work you do, to have a direct impact on business outcomes and workplace engagement. In addition, you will have the chance to experience how creativity is good for business through LEGO® Serious Play® methods and creative problem-solving tools.


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