Van Lai-DuMone is the founder of worksmart, mobilizing companies to discover and utilize creativity at every level of their organization. She promotes the idea of following curiosity, asking ‘What if’, and taking small steps forward.

She brings over 15 years of experience in leadership training, business/team development, entrepreneurship, and project management. Her clients have included Google, Media Arts Lab, Pepperdine University, and LinkedIn.

As a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator and Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach, Van uniquely brings hands-on experiential activities to her talks to engage audiences in a tactile and meaningful way.

Van Speaking

Speaking Topics

‘What if?: The Life Changing Power of Curiosity

Ideas come from curiosity. Following yours is as simple as asking ‘What if” & taking the smallest step forward.

Creative Chaos

Embrace Uncertainty; Your Future Depends on Your Ability to Accept Failure and Recover Quickly

Don’t Put
Creativity in a Box

Integrate Play and Creativity in the Work You Do

Diversity of Thought
in the Workplace

How Honoring Diversity of Thought Leads to a More Creative and Innovative Workplace


Never Miss A Beat