Virtual Learn Lab Sessions

As an answer to our current reality, we are offering 60-minute interactive talks with some amazing facilitators, coaches, and celebrated authors; intended to give organizations a convenient, customizable, and reasonable way to:

  • Keep professional development active and relevant for the current landscape, and offer skillsets and mindset that can be transferred to any working environment.
  • Help your teams through the changes, shifts, and challenges of working from home.
  • Give employees and teams a gathering place to learn, experience different perspectives, and express themselves.

Learn Labs are grouped in three categories so you can easily select the topics most relevant for your team: Experiential Play and Creativity, Culture and Performance, and Mindset and Mindful Practices.

Priced at $490 per session to be financially reasonable for organizations of all shapes and sizes!

Prelude Suite™:
Virtual Team
Trust Accelerator

This interactive virtual experience is designed to help teams build trust through the Prelude Suite™,  a fast, fun, psychologically safe way for team members to virtually grow from Me to We.

Prior to meeting online, team members complete a unique self-assessment called iStar Self Discovery™. This generates a report and digital badge. Using insights from personal reports, team members are prompted to write a personal narrative to share in their iStar Story™. 

The workshop opens with participants sharing their iStar Stories™ to build new awareness and understanding of their team’s diversity and complementary and shared strengths.

Teams then digitally co-create individual and group symbols of excellence, practicing trust & collaboration in a fun and creative way. 

*This experience uses proprietary platforms: MURAL and Prelude Suite

Stronger Together: Using LEGO® & Creative Tools to Distinguish Unique Team Contributions

This interactive workshop generates a playful experience for participants to uncover and share your unique skills and traits, then activate those to make teams stronger. Using creative tools and LEGO® Serious Play, each person will identify characteristics that distinguish them as distinct and unique.

Then, through interactive activities and small group dialogue you will find practical ways to apply these skills and attributes to the workplace, to empower teamwork, partnership, and collaboration.


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