Check Out Our Variety of Virtual Workshops for Team Development … All Through Creativity and Play.

Get to know (more than you need to) about each other!

Stronger Together: Using LEGO® & Creative Tools to Distinguish Unique Team Contributions

This interactive workshop generates a playful experience for participants to uncover and share your unique skills and traits, then activate those to make teams stronger. Using creative tools and LEGO® Serious Play, each person will identify characteristics that distinguish them as distinct and unique.

Then, through interactive activities and small group dialogue you will find practical ways to apply these skills and attributes to the workplace, to empower teamwork, partnership, and collaboration.

Align: Connecting Your Role to Organizational Mission and Vision

This interactive session uses LEGO® bricks, Play Doh, and other hands on creative activities to help each person on a team connect their individual role to the company mission and vision.

Learn the Tools of Creative Problem Solving

Creativity is one of the most valued characteristics of successful teams.

Give your team the tools to successfully problem solve, overcome challenges, and innovate – in this hands on virtual workshop. This customizable program will take your team through creative problem solving tools to uncover possibilities for a given task.

Then take-away those same tools that foster creativity, collaboration, and trust building back to work with them.

Incorporate Creativity into Your Virtual Facilitations

As many of us move our in-person meetings to an online model – it is vital to keep participants engaged and ‘in the room’. Learn how incorporating creative tools can not only serve to harness the attention of the group, but also serve as a practical tool for:

  • Team Building and Development
  • Collaboration
  • Idea Generation
  • Problem Solving
  • Trust Building

Leadership Building Blocks

Experiential* Leadership Training for current and aspiring leaders. This training will expand your leadership skills through experiential learning in small doses that we call ‘Building Blocks’, giving you time to practice and integrate the mindset and skill sets we activate in our facilitated experiences.

Our training topics:

  • Building Trust Through Vulnerability 
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Developing a Collaborative Remote Team
  • Mentoring and Coaching Teams
  • Boosting Productivity Through Creativity


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