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Case Studies

Media Art Lab: Problem Solving through LEGO® Serious Play® Methods

We were brought in by the Talent and Development Directors at Medial Arts Lab to develop a half day workshop for their quarterly Management Lab program. Participants were asked to come up with potential solutions for a business challenge identified by their leadership team. Using LEGO® Serious Play® Methods, which encourages every person to build and share ideas in a non-judgmental environment and tactile way, 30 participants came up with 137 unique ideas! Small teams were then formed to discuss the proposed ideas, their feasibility, and their impact, to deliver the most actionable potential solutions to the management team.

MeUndies: Company Retreat

As the first presenter at the latest MeUndies company retreat, our goal was to set the tone for an engaging, participatory, fun, and collaborative retreat. Utilizing play and creativity, we were able to create a high energy workshop that got people on their feet, sharing common interests, defining ways to live out their company core values, and co-creating a mural of intentions for the retreat. This engagement utilized our techniques of: LEGO® Serious Play, creative art projects, and creative problem solving tools.

Pepperdine University: Collaboration for Teams In Transition

When teams merge, or experience change,  there is a need to build trust and relationships through dynamic experiences and skills sharing.  Our workshops take groups of people working together across the continuum from co-workers to teammates. This workshop was designed for a newly merged workgroup at Pepperdine University to develop trust, find ways to collaborate and create a set of team values, as well as discuss ways to embody those values daily. We approached this work through interactive play, LEGO® Serious Play® Methods and a creative art project that resulted in each person making and taking home an artifact that represents their group values and their individual contributions to the team.

GTE Agency: Team Effectiveness

GTE Agency is an event logistics organization who prides themselves in effective implementation for their clients. In this workshop, we addressed their team’s internal effectiveness, giving each person the time to reflect on and share ideas on how to become more efficient and successful internally. Participants had the chance to work individually, then in collaboration to inspire the most relevant ideas for improving team functionality. In addition, since this team works in a high energy and high paced work environment, with little time to reflect and acknowledge one another – we created that opportunity through a creative art project that had team members acknowledging each other through a collage of images.

Google Team Building 

Teams are made stronger through experiences. This  Google sales team decided to strengthen their team dynamics through a workshop that included elements of team appreciation and collaborating on a large scale art installation. Working with one of our artists, the team had the opportunity to describe the strengths and goals of their team. That was captured in an artist’s sketch across 18 canvases. The team then painted and hung their collaborative art piece. This workshop ended with a creative project that had each person collaging a representation of their appreciation for their teammates.

Team Challenge Art Competition

We were subcontracted by a Destination Management Company (DMC) in collaboration with Feet First Entertainment to design and facilitate a creative and playfully competitive team building activity for one of their clients. 220 participants were divided into teams, given a theme, with the challenge of creating a large scale mixed medium art piece. Each team initially received a finite amount of supplies and had to overcome team challenges to earn more materials. The results were complete engagement (not one cell phone seen in the sea of people), unleashing of creativity, team bonding, and friendly competition. Judges rated the teams on creativity, team work, innovation, and engagement. In the end all final art pieces were donated to the local Boys and Girls Clubs.

TEDxLA: Community Activation

We participated in the Spring 2017 TEDxLA Salon at 72 and Sunny in Playa Vista, California. worksmart was asked to host a community activation for over 200 attendees using LEGO® Serious Play® Methods. The theme of the talks was ‘Workplace Reimagined’. We provided the space, tools, and prompts for participants to build one element of their ideal workplace. The activation created a space for community building, an opportunity for participants to take an active role in the conversation, and resulted in over 300 creative ideas emerging.