Team Development Program

Our team development workshops turn co-workers into teammates, by transforming your workplace into a community.

Bring one of our relationship amplifying experiences to your team!

  • Align Personal Values to Company Mission
  • Stronger Together: Identify Your Unique Contribution to the Team
  • Collaboration Over Competition
  • Team Appreciation

If We Were You:

To see the long-term effects of nurturing workplace dynamics, we recommend 1 session per quarter. 

Interested in a one-off workshop? Sure, we can do that.

But, if we were you … we’d commit!

Leadership Canvas

Future-Proof Your Business Through Training Current and Aspiring Leaders

Our leadership training program is like no other.
Seriously. We’ve seen a lot!

Here’s what we know from what we’ve seen:

  • People learn and retain information best through creativity and play.
  • Before we build skills and behavior, we have to address mindset.
  • Leadership can come from any level of your organization, despite title or role.

So here’s what we created:

  • Our workshops are presented in “Building Blocks“; giving you time in between sessions to practice the material and integrate the tools you learn.
  • Collaboration! We co-facilitate with topic-based experts as well as creatives to give you the most impactful experience. Don’t be surprised to see a poet or a sculptor join us for a training.
  • We mix it up! Our training sessions are just a part of the process. We also meet up for a roundtable discussion with your team as additional support.
  • Every team needs a coach. We give you the a la carte option of bringing in one of our vetted leadership coaches to work with teams or individuals.

If We Were You . . .

We recommend offering our Leadership Canvas Series to current and aspiring leaders. That way new talent gets exposed to your leadership culture, and vets get to continue to build on techniques they’ve already begun to implement.

Ideation and Problem Solving

Creativity is simply solving problems in a new context.

We are all creative. Yes, even you! And good ideas can come from any level of your organization. Let us show you how!

Pursue Possibilities: Workshops that get you thinking outside the box as you come up with wild and crazy ideas to solve your current challenge.

Whether you’re just looking to kick around some ideas or run a project all the way through planning and implementation, we’ll walk you through it with our creative solutions including LEGO® Serious Play and other creative problem solving tools.

Nobody Puts Creativity in a Corner: These workshops provide you with DIY tools to develop a creatively curious team of problem solvers.

Improve your strategy, meetings, and problem-solving by using new ways of thinking that activate the right (creative) side of your brain. Think of it this way, you’re not losing your post-it notes and whiteboards; you’re gaining pipe cleaners, paintbrushes, and glitter.

If We Were You . . .

Give your brain stretch. If we were you … we recommend taking your neural pathways out for a spin bi-annually or annually to stave off habit-formed thinking and to shake up patterns that may not be serving your team’s functionality.

The Big Picture: Team Art Installation

There is no better way to watch team dynamics in action than through the process of creating together. Work with one of our visual artists to design a large scale art project (think murals or large canvas art work) that aligns with your company mission or a current goal. We then bring all the supplies to you and walk your team through the creative process to create an art piece your mom would be proud to put on the refrigerator.

Every office needs art – why not create it yourself?!

Not only is this a way to tap into your inner artist, it also gets you to . . .

  • Experience designing and implementing a group project
  • Understand individual contributions to team success


Get Curious About Creativity